Determine Your Child’s Gender Before Pregnancy!

When pregnant, one of the nice things is to guess the sex of the fetus. It is said, the sex of the baby can be directed in a certain way. For example, if you want to have a daughter, you must multiply the menu containing alkaline such as vegetables, fruits, egg whites, and milk to have sex with certain positions. Is it true?

However, the way described below is still unconfirmed. Therefore, with the help of calculations and analysis from a trusted doctor, it will be easier for you and your partner to determine the gender of the baby before the pregnancy. One of the hospital with a doctor who can help you and your partner to do the program before pregnancy is fortis bangalore. Besides provide professional doctors, fortis bangalore also has received international certification and accreditation that has been recognized to the world.

Some doctors have argued that by setting the X and Y chromosomes or akihito techniques or through artificial insemination techniques. Based on the calculation of ovulation or discharge of ovum. When in sexual intercourse sperm X fertilize the eggs then X chromosome meets X so that a baby girl (XX). When the Y sperm fertilizes the egg, then the Y chromosome meets the X chromosome so that it gets a baby boy (XY). To get women, sperm X must first fertilize the egg. Boys can be obtained if sperm Y first fertilizes.

Some say if you want to get a boy, the recommended intercourse position is knee-chest or doggy style. This position is believed to facilitate the sperm Y to embrace the egg. If you want women, use the position of the face with the position of the wife above the husband. This position is believed to make sperm Y longer reach the egg so it will die in the middle of the road. Another assumption, if you want a daughter, the husband should eat lots of alkaline snacks such as vegetables, fruit, egg whites, and milk. While the wife is only eating foods that contain acids, such as meat or seafood.
Another assumption, the gender of children can be intervened by adjusting the time of orgasm when having sex. If you want a boy, the wife must orgasm first. The fluid during orgasm supports the movement of sperm Y faster up to the egg. Conversely, if you want a girl, the wife delayed orgasm so that the alkaline secretion does not appear that eventually make the sperm Y die. Another assumption that is not less surprising, if you want to have a son, should not have copulated 7 to 8 days. If you want women, often intimate.

There is also a recommended technology to be tried a couple who crave offspring with a certain gender is insemination with a fairly high success rate. How to check the sperm first because there is sperm that is not a balanced population of X and Y chromosome. That is why there are families whose children are all girls or boys. Thus, the sperm separated the types of X and Y then the desired sperm will be inseminated into the womb of the wife.