It’s an FPGA Function on Hearing Aids That Not Many People Know

FPGA is currently required in many fields. For that Altera fpga development board trying to adjust to the needs of its users. Altera always develops their FPGA products to satisfy users of the product. One application of FPGA is in the medical field. Have you noticed that hearing aids require FPGA in the making? This is because the FPGA is considered capable of making hearing aids have a better ability with a cheaper price.

The advances in FPGA technology, especially in application systems, have made new features improved for better sound reproduction. Therefore, the interconnection of the FPGA with a microprocessor and other related equipment to form a system. Wavelet Packet Transform (WPT) is also applied for improved conversations from hearing loss. WPT is implemented on FPGA and added as a device for processor system.

After knowing how FPGA works on medical devices, you certainly should not choose FPGA that has a standard quality. Altera fpga development board is able to develop FPGA from all aspect. You can adjust to your needs