These Different Types of English Tests You May Need To Know

To continue your education in the UK you need an immigration visa that you must have. However, to get the visa, you need to take an English test which is a requirement of the visa. Now, you do not have to bother registering yourself for the test. You can register at and choose your own schedule.

But actually, does the English test have only one type? The answer is No. There are several types you should know about the test:

1. Computer Based Test (CBT)
This is a test that uses the computer on workmanship. You no longer need paper to answer all the questions on the test.

2. Internet-Based Test (IBT)
This is the latest form of computer usage tests and is organized by ETS (Educational Testing Service) as an institution with a TOEFL license domiciled in the United States.

3. Paper Based Test (PBT)
This test still uses paper in every work done the problem.