Various Uses of Laser Cutting

If you want to use a Laser Cutting machine, you must know the capabilities of the Laser Cutting machine. Because if you want something you also have to adjust to the ability of the machine. The use of this Laser Cutting machine depends on the wearer you want to use. The Cutting Laser Machine can be used first to cut, as the name implies. The second can be used for scratching, graving, and punching. Discover Laguna tools reviews by visiting our website.

To know the various potentials of Laser Cutting machine we must try it according to his ability. For the cutting method, the laser beam is set to penetrate the material so that the pieces you need can be removed, so you can use negative or positive. Cutting is done with medium speed and great strength. The second scratches or can be called by marking. In this method, the laser beam will only damage the surface of the material leaving a mark in the form of a scratch. Scratching is done at high speed with low strength

The third is engraving. This method of laser light is arranged so as to scratch the surface of the material with different depths so that the drawings/letters can be recognized. Graving is done with low speed and moderate strength.