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There were many requests to help during the holiday season. Some are single mothers who barely make ends meet. It was not possible to buy Christmas gifts or food. Some mothers are underemployed, sick or disabled. Their kids had a dark Christmas, and that was their fault. More help?

Many Good Samaritans helped the families that were in tough situations. Because of kindness from others, most children will wake up Christmas morning with toys and clothing under the tree. They'll also find a hot dinner and plenty of food at the dining table. This will make Christmas a special holiday, but this single mother must still face reality for the remaining 364 days. How is she going to survive the last days of this year? What can we expect for next year? What can I to do make my life better for myself and my kids?

Find a side hustle or a method to earn extra income. This can be done by taking on a second part-time position (or a third), or finding ways to work from home with the existing skills she has. Seven side hustles are ways you can make money for temporary or longer-term needs.

Baked goods -- Most moms are able to bake cookies, brownies and other desserts. Bake your favorite items to sell to others. Most people can't bake, but they would be willing to pay for you do it.

Holiday Assistant The party hosts are in need of your assistance during the holiday party season. Rent yourself to do party decorating and cleaning up after the event. You can post an ad in Craigslist, the local penny-shopper newspaper, or a newspaper offering to help with your party. You can offer your services to upcoming events throughout the year.

Errand Service -- People are often busy, and need an extra pair of hands to help them with their daily needs. You can order items to be delivered or picked up, pay bills which require personal contact, pick up dry cleaning and drop it off, as well as purchase goods for parties, family needs, etc. Food, tickets or gift shopping are all valuable services. Advertise in local papers or let everyone know you are offering this service. Post flyers in the grocery store or fitness center where you know professionals are.

Services for Pets - If you enjoy pets, then you may be able to provide an invaluable service to those who require dog walking or pet sitting. As pets are regarded as part of the family, people are willing to pay more for a pet sitter or dog walker. It is important to walk your dog for its health. The owners don't necessarily want to board their animals when they are away for the weekend. It is possible to keep your pet at home, or take it with you. Nobody likes to deal with waste management, but it is necessary. If you want to make some extra cash, offering a pet waste pickup service is a good way.