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Both in the context of everyday life as both men and women and what our society expects us to do, we're all very familiar with feminine and masculine. It's not just about that. Although we may feel comfortable with these energies, they are old and have existed since the beginning of time. Click to read more.

Although they appear different to us, in reality these are just dual aspects of one energy. They fight against each other but cannot live without one another. The feminine has been reborn in the last 50-100+ years. The feminine energy has returned. For so many decades, women were left in the shadows. Women's energy and femininity are unique to each individual woman, but we don't know where this concept comes from.

The feminine is ever-present in both Biblical and Darwinist histories. Eve stood next to Adam as a cave woman would have had to clean up the dirty animal hides thrown out by cavemen the previous evening.

Women's rights activists would like us to think that since this period, we are being forced to walk in men's steps. But we don’t always take the back seat. Some ancient texts claim that the constant back and forth between strong masculine energies after strong feminine ones is where this continuous swinging occurs.

The ancient Egyptians had many modern-day freedoms, including the ability to hold office in politics, own property and take on political positions. In ancient Egypt, there was an ideal balance of masculine and female energies. But when the male energy became dominant the society collapsed. One could argue that energies began shifting towards masculinity around this time. Take for example the Greek, Roman, Ottoman and other conquests.

Many ancient cultures and religions worshiped female energy along with its masculine equivalent. For centuries it was suppressed. Constantine changed the Bible in a way to make it disappear. Feminine power encompasses home and peace. Laura Pearson said, "the feminine is fire." It is a powerful element that can warm up a room and make it feel intimate.

It is a source of light, and it produces heat." Feminine power is nurturing at its core. By being ourselves, we can nurture the people around us. Depriving the world of nurturing, by making the female almost a sin to appreciate, it is no wonder that the world suffers. Due to the imbalance, we have witnessed an increase in conflicts, wars and chaos.