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Description: This is a medium-sized, well-muscled Portuguese Water Dog. This breed has heavy, sturdy bones. Dogs will measure 20 to 22" at the shoulders and weight between 42 and 56 pounds. The female is between 35 and 49 pounds, with a shoulder height of 17 to 20 in. Portuguese Water Dogs come in two coat types - curly, or wavy. The waterproof hair comes in a variety of colors, including black, white and brown. The Portuguese Water Dog lives for 10-14 years. Cao de agua Portuguese, Portie or Cao de agua is another name for this breed. Visit Available Portuguese Water Dog Puppies for Sale before reading this.

The Portuguese Water Dog is thought to be a product of Portugal. There, local dogs may have been crossed with Poodles. It was a great help to Portuguese fishermen as this breed loves to swim. This dog helped fishermen by bringing lost nets back, protecting the boat and sending messages to other boats out on sea. Dogs were thought to be able to navigate the waters better with the help of a lion's trim. Thick hair on its head protected it from cold while the sides and back legs had been trimmed. When fishing became more commercialized, it was almost wiped out. However, a Portuguese businessman rescued the Portuguese Dog from extinction.

Portuguese Water Dogs make excellent friends. This friendly dog has a playful disposition and is great with kids. Water Dogs will not generally be aggressive toward other household pets as they weren't developed for hunting. Easy to train, it is also used not just as a companion for the family but as a therapy animal.

Portuguese Water Dogs can suffer from two genetic illnesses that are very dangerous, such as a problem with the heart and one of the nervous system. But, the testing of breeding stock almost eliminated the fatal diseases. A dog's hip dysplasia or progressive retinal atrophy can occur. All in all, it is safe to say that the Portuguese Dog breed is a relatively healthy one.

Grooming the Portuguese Water Dog: The long coat should be brushed every alternate day. When the lion is cut, long hairs are kept on the head of the pet. This must be maintained consistently. To make it easier to care for their Portuguese Water Dog, some choose a cut that is shorter, similar to a puppy's cut. To prevent an infection, ensure that the ears have been dried if the dog was in water.

The dog will be fine in an apartment, as long as it is given enough exercise by its owner. The Portuguese Dog is an excellent companion and should not be kept in a cage. Instead, the dog will thrive when it can interact with his family. The Portuguese Dog loves water activities, and its natural instincts have been shaped by water. It is easy to teach them to fetch objects and they love to swim.