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You need to contact a professional, licensed emergency plumber near me as soon as possible if you experience a home plumbing emergency. Find a qualified plumber in several different ways:

Consult your family and friends to get a recommendation.
You can ask a real estate agent in your area for the name of a reliable plumber.
You can ask another contractor to refer you if they have worked on your home before.
You can ask the plumber at your local supply store to recommend a reliable plumbing service.
Online, check out the plumber reviews in your locality. When you use Google or Yahoo to search for plumbers, the "Local List" will show you plumbers who are geographically close by, with links to their websites and reviews from customers.

When you have found a good plumber, how do you know if they are the right one for you? Check out this checklist to find out what you should be asking a plumber... before you hire them.

Is your plumbing license issued by the State?

Check that the plumber you're working with is a state-licensed professional. Plumbing codes are updated and state-certified plumbers know the latest plumbing standards. To maintain their licenses, plumbers must not only pass an exam, but also attend annual education courses to remain abreast of new codes and products.

To be successful as a Georgia plumber, you'll need a variety of abilities. In order for an apprentice to achieve the Journeyman, or Master Plumbing designations, they must complete a number of steps. State rules and regulations govern the steps to become a Master Plumber. For a journeyman or master plumbing license, you need to have three years' experience with primary plumbing, provide references and pass an assessment. To qualify for a Master Plumbers License, you must have commercial or industrial experience. Additionally, the plumber should be able to test backflow device certification or have experience with septic tanks.

Since when have you been in the business?

It is a good idea to look for a plumber who has been in the business for eight or ten years. It is a good way to gauge how stable and viable the business will be and if it can guarantee their work.

Background checks are done on Service Technicians?

Are you comfortable with the Service Technicians in your home working? Plumbers should perform a thorough background check on their employees and conduct random drug tests. The Service Technicians that work at your house should also be in uniform and wear name tags. They should not be contractors, but rather employees of the company.